The Java Pit

A unique trading room experience run by Stefanie Kammerman, also known as “The Stock Whisperer” that is sold on a subscription basis.  By sharing her screen inside The Java Pit, during pre-market and live trading, you learn by watching her trade, as if you were sitting right next to her. All throughout the day Stefanie points out the highest probability trades. 

The Dark Pool App

New to The Stock Whisperer offering, we've created the Dark Pool App. The app itself is free to download. In the App you'll see Stefanie tweeting all day long on the highly unusual trades that will affect specific stocks along with the entire market. You can also subscribe to receive specific levels to watch along with pictures of these trades and charts showing you the highest probability trade set ups. You’ll get notifications when the dark pool is buying and you’ll get notified when they are selling. Download the app today and get started!

The Whisper of the Day

Each day Stefanie records a "Whisper" video. These timely videos share the hottest trades for the day by following the smart money! Available Only on our Dark Pool App Private Feed, Be the First To Know.  You can sign up to be notified when they are posted. Sign Up Now You can also view the gallery of previous Whispers for historical information.

The Whisper of the Week

Each Week Stefanie aka The Stock Whisperer records a "Whisper" video for the MoneyShow Website.  In these videos Stefanie Kammerman sheds light on the most unusual Dark Pool Activity that week


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