Spend your day with The Stock Whisperer in the Java Pit chat room where you and fellow traders, together with Stefanie will get the opportunity to learn and trade (or not trade) in real time.

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Everybody always asks me why I teach? Why don’t’ I just trade? Well, I do trade; in fact, I trade every day with my students.

However, I am also cloning myself by teaching my students how to trade. Now they call out the great high probability trades all day long in my trading room. What comes around goes around ten-fold. The Java Pit trading room is a unique trading experience. It’s old fashioned trading in a high tech world. So kick off your shoes, grab a Doji Latte, and do some day trades with me in the morning, swing trade with me in the afternoons. You can even do it in your pajamas, just make sure your webcam is off. The Java pit opens up at 8 am and closes at 5 pm.

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  • I am studying “Counting The Cards of Wall Street 2″ and it is excellent. I would recommend this course. There is a lot of information to take in, and worthwhile also.


  • As a past student of The Stock Whisperer I continue to develop my trading skills as a result of taking classes in Day Trading, Swing Trading, Boot Camp and various workshops. Stephanie’s no nonsense approach tells it like it is and helps you to develop a no thinking, unemotional approach to each trade. I never thought I’d get so upset with myself when I don’t execute a trade correctly, entry or exit – even if I made money! Such an amazing feeling! You want to learn how to trade for yourself and not be a follower? Then listen intently to the whispers from The Stock Whisperer – take some classes, follow the rules and develop the discipline needed to be a successful trader. A cup of java never tasted so good as when you kick back and enter & exit a trade as planned – then refill it, again and again.